Saturn is My Favorite Planet

Saturn is my favorite planet.

Actually, they are ALL my favorite.

A girl can have more than one favorite, can’t she?

Seriously though, Saturn’s energy is POW~ER~FUL.

He’s got this major skill to make me stop dead in my tracks and think WTH am I doing!

Is what I’m doing going to help balance Karma?

Is the way I am speaking or acting portraying who I actually am, or am I hiding from Them behind a mask?

Does the action that I am about to take lift others or myself up?

I took my first breath on Earth School while Saturn was retrograde in my 10th house. His influence in my Cosmic Blueprint is strong, second only to my beloved Venus.

I feel his presence every day of my life. I feel at home during his retrogrades. It’s as if I am hanging out with an old friend. We talk about what is triggering me, digging deep into the shadowy corners where my soul isn’t getting the nourishment that it deserves.

Saturn is one of my most trusted allies. He’s blunt and to the point, not wasting time as he helps me to delve deeper into my WHY. Getting to the heart of the why is key to transmuting the shadowy parts of Self into light.

That’s why we’re all here anyway, right?

Saturn serves up these lessons right on time, every time.

Always when you are able to saturate them with light.

Never giving you more than you can handle.

You are strong, the Universe knows that.

On April 29th Saturn went retrograde in Capricorn. This energy can sometime feel stagnant, slow and filled with extra responsibilities. You may have felt restricted or limited in many areas of life.

When Saturn is retrograde it can seem as if the lessons and all your karmic debt are piling up. One on top of the other, overlapping like an assembly line with a worker that just isn’t being able to hold their own.

For me, the few months before April 29, 2019 were filled with intense motivation to get all the things done. Setting new goals and aspirations. I was hard at work on these tasks, feeling great about my progress until a few days prior to Saturn stationing, before the inevitable retrograde.

Suddenly I was at a standstill.

Partnerships fell through.

I began to see how some things were not working as well as I thought they were.

Over the last 5 months layers upon layers of shadows have been shed. My external goals seemed to be at a standstill as I worked my internal alchemy. Through it all I actively waited. I spent time with my passions, exploring my internal landscape.

Contemplating where the gifts within my shadows were manifesting. Karmic debts/lessons were being tossed into my path left and right. I was triggered daily by the same things until those triggers were no longer useful. Then new triggers would arise. I expanded my self-care routine and spent more time with nature as I sorted through the bonds I needed to release and which were worth mending.

This trend carried on right up until about a week ago. I took each hit with a smile and acceptance. Feeling blessed by each lesson that was brought to my awareness. Looking back, I see how far I have come in such a short time. Chances are that you have as well. Days like today make me realize how important it is to have a daily writing practice.

It’s so easy to forget what obstacles you have overcome when they are passed. We, as a species, tend to forget our small wins, especially when they were initiated by pain, in favor of only remembering the larger victories. Daily writing in a journal provides a record to remind you just how amazing and powerful you actually are.

Today Saturn went direct and is still in its favored sign of Capricorn. Watch out though, we’re not quite clear yet. When planets come out of a retrograde they do what is called stationing and take a bit to come out of their “shadow”. Saturn won’t make it fully out of his shadow until November 19.

So, What Does This Mean For You?

Assess Your Goals

Make sure they light your soul up before moving forward.

Revise and Set Goals

You’ll be able to set long terms goals and move toward them with fewer problems getting in the way.

Set Boundaries

You’ll have the ability to set clear boundaries in all aspects of your life but especially your career.


Re-access your priorities and make time for them. This also includes time for self-care.


Make time for play along with work. You may just want to go, go, go at work because things are going so smoothly. All work without time for play is a hard NO.

I’m looking forward to accessing my goals more smoothly and for it to be easier to draw that line in the sand, to make my boundaries clear.

What are you looking forward to and what lessons did you learn during 2019’s Saturn retrograde?

I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

Always remember that although we can seek guidance from the wisdom of the stars, we are all in control of our own authority.

Taking responsibility for ourselves is pivotal in our evolution.

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  1. Lisa Maree
    September 19, 2019

    I certainly have felt the intensity and this whole year has been one of a massive shift. Slowing down, feeling more and most importantly giving time to really explore myself and curiosities ✨

    Loved this read! Please keep them coming Sami xx


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